The Sovereign Limits database is accessible in several ways, allowing you the flexibility to incorporate our maps, data and research into your workflow in a way that you see fit.

Browse the tabs below to explore what we’ve built around Sovereign Limits:

Web Portal
Reports & Research

The Sovereign Limits Web Portal acts as an essential tool in the research and visualization of international boundaries. Key components include:

  • Highly detailed interactive map, capable of showing our boundary data at large scales atop multiple basemap options.
  • Primary sources attached to each international boundary.
  • “State-view:” Filter the map by a country to see their “sovereign footprint” on land and at sea.
  • Our extensive research and maps attached to each boundary.
  • Regular delivery of our “Quarterly Updates & International Boundary News” report (delivered quarterly).

Contact us for access information.

The full Sovereign Limits database is available for licensing. In addition to fully attributed GIS data, licensing includes:

  • Delivery as file geodatabase, SQL, and PostgreSQL formats for ideal integration with your existing GIS stack.
  • All associated metadata and linked documents (primary sources, boundary briefs and sketch maps).
  • Quarterly updates included for one year.
  • Multi-user access to the Sovereign Limits Web Portal.

Want to discuss data licensing for your specific project or use case? Get in touch.

In depth boundary research is a fundamental part of what we do. We make the following reports and documents available through use of the Sovereign Limits Web Portal:

  • Boundary Briefs, providing a concise synopsis of every established international boundary in the World, both land and maritime.
  • Quarterly Updates & International Boundary News, a report delivered quarterly to Web Portal subscribers and data licensees.

All of the above are also available a la carte by contacting us.

The Sovereign Limits World map accurately depicts all international boundaries, both land and maritime, over beautifully crafted custom shaded relief. The poster features:

  • Major land and maritime disputes.
  • Each coastal State’s zones of maritime jurisdiction as set out in UNCLOS-III.
  • Maritime claims beyond 200 M to extended continental shelves.
  • 58 in. width x 35 in. height.

This printed map offering will be updated every year so that users can be assured they are acquiring the most up-to-date boundary information possible. Contact us for information on ordering.

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