Barbados–Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

On 31 August 2015, the Caribbean islands of Barbados and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines signed an agreement delimiting their maritime boundary. The boundary primarily tracks from north to south and spans roughly 50 nautical miles. The area was delimited utilizing the equidistance methodology, and the line’s turning points were connected using geodesic line segments. 

These island States are situated in the southern half of the Lesser Antilles, with Barbados lying to the east and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines lying to the west. Given the coastal proximity, separated by less than 90 nautical miles, their 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone entitlements completely overlap. As of the date of this Boundary Brief, the Agreement is still awaiting ratification by the Parties.

Map showing the maritime boundary between Barbados and Saint Vincent


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