The Kenya–Somalia land boundary extends 681 kilometers (423 miles) from the tripoint with Ethiopia to the Indian Ocean. It was initially delineated in 1891 as Italy and the United Kingdom carved up their African spheres of influence. In 1924, a swath of formerly British Kenyan territory, known as Jubaland, was ceded to Italian Somaliland, and a new straight-line boundary was delimited and demarcated.

Modern boundary issues between Somalia and Kenya have been caused by several factors relating to the history of colonial rule, and the separation of ethnic Somali people between the two States after independence. Kenya’s construction of border barriers, Somali government-sanctioned violence in Kenya’s North Eastern Province, an ongoing maritime dispute, and the alienation of ethnic Somalis living within Kenya are all issues that have led to problematic relations between the two States.

Map showing the land boundary between Kenya and Somalia

Kenya and Somalia also share a maritime boundary.


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