Equatorial Guinea–Gabon

The boundary between Rio Muni, the continental part of Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon was initially delimited in a 1900 Convention between France and Spain. The frontier as then delimited begins in Corisco bay in the southeastern Gulf of Guinea and follows the thalwegs of the estuary of the Muni River to the Outemboni river for 66 km. It then corresponds with the 1° N parallel eastward for approximately 150 km before turning north along the 11° 20′ E meridian for approximately 130 km before reaching the tripoint with Cameroon. Gabon claims that a second boundary agreement was concluded in 1974, which provided for some minor territorial exchanges (to reflect de facto control of certain settlements) and clarified sovereignty over a number of islands in Corisco Bay; however, Equatorial Guinea contests the validity of that agreement. Thirteen years of United Nations mediation led to an agreement in November 2016 to submit the island sovereignty dispute to the International Court of Justice, although the Court has not yet been formally approached by the parties.

Map showing the land boundary between Equatorial Guinea and Gabon

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