Burkina Faso–Niger

Both Burkina Faso and Niger were part of French West Africa until independence in 1960, and Burkina Faso was known as Upper Volta until a 1984 name change. The basis for the modern Burkina Faso–Niger land boundary is in a French inter-colonial delimitation from 1927, first in a 31 August Arrêté and then in greater detail in a 5 October Erratum. Upon independence, Niger and Upper Volta discovered that due to the vague colonial delimitation, there were difficulties in agreeing on the exact location of the boundary on the ground. After multiple attempts at demarcation, the two States sought the help of the International Court of Justice to resolve a boundary dispute over the central section of the frontier. A judgment was handed down in 2013. The land boundary between Burkina Faso and Niger now runs for 648 kilometers from the tripoint with Mali in the north to the tripoint with Benin in the south.

Map showing the land boundary between Burkina Faso and Niger


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