At the end of the First World War, German East Africa was divided into a British mandate (Tanganyika) and a Belgian mandate (Ruanda-Urundi). The boundary between the two mandates was delimited in 1924, and the southern part of that line remains the boundary between independent Burundi and Tanzania today. Apart from a 28 kilometer section in Lake Tanganyika, the boundary mainly follows small rivers. The highly sinuous nature of many of the rivers means that the boundary has a total length of 665 kilometers, even though the direct distance between the tripoint with the Democratic Republic of Congo in the south and the tripoint with Rwanda in the north is only a little over 250 kilometers. Fifty-eight monuments were erected along the boundary in 1924, and further demarcation and reaffirmation work on the boundary has been discussed in recent years but does not appear to have commenced.

Map showing the land boundary between Burundi and Tanzania

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