Democratic Republic of the Congo–Uganda

The land boundary between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda extends for approximately 950 km from the tripoint with Rwanda in the south to the tripoint with South Sudan in the north. It was initially delimited by Belgian and British colonial powers in 1894 and refined in 1915 after a partial demarcation. From independence in the 1960s through the late 1990s, the colonial boundary was accepted without conflict. After the discovery of oil in Lake Albert, a dispute arose in 2006 over Rukwanzi Island, which has yet to be resolved despite a 2007 Agreement focused on cooperation and finding solutions to various boundary issues. Due to the likelihood of natural resources located in frontier regions, the potential for additional disputes or other violent border-related clashes is high. Demarcation was called for as part of the 2007 Agreement, and despite attempts at bilateral cooperation on the subject, no real progress has been made.

: Map showing the land boundary between the DRC and Uganda

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