Iceland–Norway (Jan Mayen)

The maritime boundary between Iceland and Norway (Jan Mayen) was first established through a bilateral agreement in 1980. The delimitation of the boundary primarily followed Iceland’s 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone limit.

The western tripoint between Jan Mayen, Greenland, and Iceland was established by a series of concurrent bilateral agreements in 1997 between Iceland–Norway (Jan Mayen), Iceland–Denmark (Greenland), and Denmark (Greenland)–Norway (Jan Mayen). In the east, the tripoint was established in 2019 as part of another set of concurrent bilateral Agreements focused on the extended continental shelf delimitation in the “Banana Hole” between Denmark (Faroe Islands), Iceland, and Norway.

The Iceland–Norway (Jan Mayen) exclusive economic zone boundary extends for 198 nautical miles, and the extended continental shelf boundary for an additional 152 nautical miles.

Map showing the maritime boundary between Iceland and Norway

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