Denmark (Faroe Islands)–United Kingdom

The maritime boundary between Denmark’s Faroe Islands and the United Kingdom was first established through a bilateral agreement that was reached in 1999. This Agreement defined the continental shelf boundary as a series of geodesic lines emanating from a tripoint with Norway in the northeast and then tracking generally to the southwest and west until terminating on the 200 nautical mile limit measured from the Parties’ baselines.

The boundary is 501 nautical miles in length, and along its southernmost portion, the line is straddled by a “Special Area” within which both States share jurisdiction over fisheries and continental shelf resources. 

In 2012, a Protocol to the 1999 Agreement further defined the limits of the “Special Area” and the rights and obligations of the Parties within it.

Map showing the maritime boundary between Denmark and the United Kingdom

Denmark and the United Kingdom also have a North Sea maritime boundary.

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