Denmark–Germany (North Sea)

The maritime boundary between Denmark and Germany in the North Sea was determined by two bilateral Agreements. In 1965, a small portion of the continental shelf boundary was defined utilizing the principle of equidistance. A 1969 ruling from the International Court of Justice in the North Sea Continental Shelf cases between Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands called for the three States to delimit their continental shelf boundaries equitably, rather than by following equidistance. In 1971, Denmark and Germany entered into another bilateral Agreement defining the remainder of the continental shelf boundary. The boundary between Germany and Denmark in the North Sea extends for a total of 196 nautical miles. 

The two States also share a maritime boundary in the Baltic Sea, which is defined by a separate set of Agreements.

Map showing the maritime boundary between Denmark and Germany (North Sea)

Denmark and Germany also have an established land boundary as well as another maritime boundary in the Baltic Sea.

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