The international boundary between Kenya and Uganda originated in 1926 as a British Order, defining the boundaries of its Uganda Protectorate with Kenya Colony. Reflecting a series of colonial demarcation exercises, the modern-day boundary extends for 870 km from the tripoint with South Sudan in the north to the tripoint with Tanzania in the south. Several unilateral legislative instruments produced by both States note the various adjustments to the boundary made during demarcation efforts. Most of the boundary is settled and established, but there is one small dispute over Migingo Island in Lake Victoria. Sovereignty over the island, which has been under the de facto control of Kenya since 1926, seems to be mostly settled, and the conflict is over the surrounding waters, which are prime fishing grounds for Nile Perch. A modern bilateral demarcation commission is currently surveying the international boundary but have yet to complete their work.

Map showing the land boundary between Kenya and Uganda

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