The land boundary between Malawi and Tanzania was initially established in 1890 as the edges of the African spheres of influence between the United Kingdom and Germany. It extends from the tripoint with Zambia in the north for 190 km before reaching the shores of Lake Malawi/Nyasa. The remainder of the boundary is disputed; Malawi claims approximately 360 km of shoreline boundary, while Tanzania calls for the boundary to extend along the median line of Lake Malawi/Nyasa for approximately 230 km. Conflict over the dispute was mostly dormant between both States’ independence in the 1960s until hydrocarbon exploration in the 2010s. Formal negotiations began in 2012, but due to the current lack of progress of mediation, there are discussions of sending the dispute to the International Court of Justice for adjudication.

The land boundary between Malawi and Tanzania, including the dispute over Lake Malawi



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