The Benin–Nigeria boundary extends in a generally southerly direction from the tripoint with Niger on the Niger River to the shoreline of the Gulf of Guinea. The 820 kilometer boundary follows the Okpara River for over 180 kilometers and is otherwise comprised of arcs of circles, straight lines and segments which run parallel to roads. Initially delimited in a series of Anglo–French agreements in the 1890s, the boundary was first described in detail in a 1906 Agreement and clarified in a 1912 Protocol, which included a report describing the locations of 142 beacons erected between the coast and the Okpara River. Many of those monuments are likely to have disappeared over time, and little (if any) demarcation activity appears to have been carried out along the northern half of the boundary, leaving many locations where the precise alignment of the boundary is unclear. The governments of Benin and Nigeria have been working to clarify the boundary and resolve ownership of disputed villages for a number of years, but few details have been made public.

Map showing the land boundary between Benin and Nigeria

Benin and Nigeria also have an established maritime boundary.

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