Dominican Republic–Haiti

The 395 km boundary between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, which divides the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, follows a combination of rivers, ridge lines, straight lines and roads. Hispaniola was roughly divided between Spain (the eastern two-thirds) and France (the western third) at the end of the 17th century, which was solidified in a general boundary agreement signed in 1777. The Dominican Republic and Haiti delimited the boundary in greater detail after independence in a 1929 Agreement, and approximately 80% of the boundary was subsequently demarcated. Disagreements over the demarcation of the remaining 20% of the border were settled in a 1935 Agreement and 1936 Protocol. In many areas the boundary is clearly visible on satellite imagery due to differing agricultural practices and significant deforestation on the Haitian side.

Map showing the land boundary between the Dominican Republic and Haiti

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