Iraq–Saudi Arabia

Iraq and Saudi Arabia share an 811 kilometer (504 mile) land boundary that received its modern delimitation in 1981. The boundary extends in a series of straight lines from the tripoint with Jordan in a southeasterly direction to the tripoint with Kuwait. It divides a region of sparsely populated desert territory.

The boundary was historically delimited in 1922, which included a neutral zone that proved difficult for the two States to divide due to the nomadic nature of its residents. In the 1970s, Iraq and Saudi Arabia began modern delimitation efforts, resolving to define a boundary through the neutral zone. The boundary was delimited in a bilateral agreement in 1981 and jointly demarcated.

Despite a history of strained relations, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are currently engaged in improving cooperation efforts, of which border crossings and management have had a central role.

Map showing the land boundary between Iraq and Saudi Arabia

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