France–United Kingdom (Guernsey)

The maritime boundary between France and the United Kingdom’s Bailiwick of Guernsey was established through two separate arrangements. The first, in 1977, was established by an arbitral tribunal as part of the broader France–United Kingdom continental shelf boundary and utilized the 12 nautical mile arcs from Guernsey’s basepoints as the delimitation methodology. Originally established as a six-point line, the Tribunal updated this delimitation in 1978 to twelve points. It extends in a northeast to southwest direction for 64 nautical miles. 

In 1992, France and the United Kingdom, on behalf of Guernsey, established a fishing boundary in two parts extending southward from the previous delimitation before meeting the maritime space of the Bailiwick of Jersey. The segment on the east is 29 nautical miles and the segment in the west is 16 nautical miles. France and the United Kingdom utilized the equidistance methodology for the creation of the fisheries boundary. 

The Bailiwick of Guernsey extended its territorial sea claim from three nautical miles to twelve in 2019. France and the United Kingdom are currently negotiating an official territorial sea boundary between Guernsey and France.

Map showing the maritime boundary between France and Guernsey


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