Central African Republic–South Sudan

The boundary between Central African Republic and South Sudan is based on the colonial border between French Equatorial Africa and British Sudan and was established in 1924. It was delimited and partially demarcated by colonial authorities. Violence and instability in both States has prevented further modern demarcation work from occurring. The alignment of the Central African Republic–South Sudan frontier is not disputed, but it does abut a contested region between Sudan and South Sudan, known as Kafia Kingi, leaving the precise location of the northern tripoint in dispute and almost 300 km of the eastern boundary of Central African Republic in flux between the administration of Sudan or South Sudan. The established portion of the land boundary extends for an additional 760 km from the tripoint with the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the south to the disputed tripoint with Sudan in the north. It follows the watershed between the Nile and Congo Rivers for almost its entire extent.

Map showing the land boundary between Central African Republic and South Sudan

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