The boundary between Honduras and Nicaragua was established during the colonial era and mainly extends along a series of winding rivers. The straight line distance between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts is only 510 kilometers, but due to the sinuous nature of the mostly riverine boundary, its actual length is 1,033 kilometers. International arbitration has resolved several historic territorial disputes between the two States, with the 2007 International Court of Justice Judgment serving as the most recent series of proceedings concerning the boundary.

Despite the numerous issues related to the border, Honduras and Nicaragua completed joint demarcation efforts from 1900–1904 and during the early 1960s. It does not appear that any disputes currently exist between the two States, though there are localized conflicts between border communities along the Coco and Negro Rivers that periodically erupt into violence.

Map showing the land boundary between Honduras and Nicaragua

Honduras and Nicaragua also have an established maritime boundary.

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