On 27 October 2022, the maritime boundary between Israel and Lebanon was established. The negotiations that led up to the Agreement began in 2012 and were mediated by representatives from the United States State Department. The deal comes amid decades of conflict between Israel and Lebanon. After receiving the initial draft of the maritime boundary Agreement in early September, both States signed their copies of the text a month later in separate ceremonies. While both countries have acknowledged and accepted the terms of the Agreement, Lebanon continues to deny Israel’s statehood, and the Agreement is not meant to be understood as a peace treaty between the two States.

The newly defined maritime boundary begins roughly three nautical miles seaward of the two States’ disputed land boundary terminus and then extends for 69 nautical miles into the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The delimitation ends before reaching the maritime boundaries that both Israel and Lebanon have previously established with Cyprus.

Map showing the maritime boundary between Israel and Lebanon




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