Kuwait-Saudi Arabia

Located in southwestern Asia, the countries of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have a 221 kilometer (137 mile) long international boundary. Beginning in the northwest at the tripoint with Iraq, the boundary continues in a southeasterly direction. It sharply turns southward at the 29th parallel of latitude before continuing east and ending at the coast of the Persian, or Arabian, Gulf.

While the process for delimiting their shared land border began in 1913, it was not until 2019 that Kuwait and Saudi Arabia managed to fully define their boundary. Although both countries were previously British protectorates, progress on the land boundary would not seriously begin until Kuwait gained full independence in 1961. Prior to independence, the boundary between the two States was comprised of a Divided, or Neutral Zone, a concept that was introduced in 1922. An initial division of the Neutral Zone was agreed on in 1965, generally accepted as the boundary in 1969, and reaffirmed following a modern demarcation in 2019.

Map showing the land boundary between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia


Kuwait and Saudi Arabia share an established maritime boundary.

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